Personal development and family relationships

  • Deacons are to be a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ, so that his life, private and public, is an example and encouragement to his family and congregation.
  • Deacons should read God’s Word, meditate on it, pray and praise God daily.
  • Deacons are to be faithful heads of Christian homes, if married.
  • Deacons should have some time daily to pray with their wives.
  • Deacons should have family devotions in their home daily.
  • Deacons should spend adequate time with their wives so as to combat their loneliness.
  • Deacons should spend adequate time with their children to be example and guide to them.

 Deacons service responsibilities

Assistance at Services and Meetings

At church services, the deacons are usually responsible for welcoming members and visitors as they enter the church, and for assisting them, where necessary, to find seats. They also stand ready to cooperate with pastor for the smooth functioning of the meetings conducted in the church.

Visitation of Members

An important duty belonging to deacons is that of visiting church members in their homes and hospital. Deacons should visit or call each home at least once a quarter.

Preparation for Baptismal Services

The deacons assist with the preparation of male candidates for baptism.

Assistance at the Communion Service

Deacons assist the Pastor with serving The Lord’s Supper to congregation and visitors.

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Deacon Ministry: Deacon James Watson, III