Deaconesses Geneva Watson, Barbara Jones, Deborah Middleton, Virginia Williams, (BR) Tina Knight and Glenda Lawson

Personal development and family relationships

  • Deaconesses are to be a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ, so that her life, private and public, is an example and encouragement to her family and congregation.
  • Deaconesses should read God’s Word, meditate on it, pray and praise God daily.
  • Deaconesses are to be faithful helpmates of Christian homes, if married.
  • Deaconesses should have some time daily to pray with their husbands.
  • Deaconesses should have family devotions in their home daily.
  • Deaconesses should spend adequate time with their husbands.
  • Deaconesses should spend adequate time with their children to be example and guide to them.

 Deaconess Responsibilities

Assistance at Baptisms

Deaconesses assist at the baptismal services, ensuring that female candidates are cared for both before and after the ceremony. They provide suitable clothing for female candidates. Where robes are used, the deaconesses should see that they are laundered and carefully set aside for future use.

Arrangements for the Communion Service

The deaconesses make arrangements for the communion table, including: preparing the bread and juice, arranging the ordinance table, pouring the juice, placing the plates of wafer bread, and covering the table with the linen provided for that purpose. All these matters should be cared for before the service begins.

Visitation of Members

An important duty belonging to deacons and deaconess is that of visiting church members in their homes and hospital. Deacons along with the deaconess should visit or call each home at least once a quarter.

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