Health Ministry Vision

To bring the hope of Christ to the   church family and others through a growing understanding of Christian   Stewardship in relation to spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and mental   health and to provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to   participate in the Health Ministry.

“I will heal my people and   will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” – Jeremiah 33:6

Health Ministry Goals:

  • Organize and provide for educational opportunities for the church family about healthy lifestyles across the lifespan as a component of Christian stewardship
  • Conduct health screening & health promotion programs for the church family and community
  • Provide first aid support for regular church services and special events
  • At the request of church members will provide blood pressure screening
  • To be a working ministry of service in corroboration with other church ministries
    • Will visit the sick and shut in
    • Will form a follow up team who will:
      • Call and inquire of health status of sick and shut in
      • Pray with the individual
      • Provide feedback to the team and church on health progress
      • To assist with activities of daily living

All client information will be kept confidential among Health ministry Personnel.

Health Ministry becomes an integral part of pastoral care, it allows the church to take more seriously its role of healing. By enabling better understanding and better cooperation within our congregation and the community, the health ministry provides the human context that allays fears, frustrations, and confusion that sometimes is a detriment to the optimal health of an individual or congregation.

The Health Ministry Team is committed to:

  • Sharing Our Faith
  • Promoting Good Health through Education
  • Preventing and or Controlling Disease through Knowledge      and Support

For more information contact: [email protected]