Welcome to the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church (MPBC) Empowering Ministries. We greet you in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We thank God that you have chosen MPBC as your church family. We are one Body in Christ, individually committed to seeking first the kingdom of God, His righteousness and trusting God to empower us with the abundant life Jesus Christ spoke about in John 10:10.

MPBC Empowering Ministries is a congregation that believes in reaching out beyond our walls to truly spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We welcome members just as they are, for MPBC is a place where strangers need not feel strange where everyone is someone in the house of the Lord. We are eager to teach, preach nurture and encourage you in your new Christian life and relationship with Jesus Christ and the MPBC Body in Christ.

We pray that the preaching, teaching, songs, prayers, fellowship and the personal guidance of the Holy Spirit will speak to the depths of your soul (emotions, thoughts, and desires) and lead you to a closer walk with God.  We pray that you will decrease so that God can:

  1. Increase your spiritual relationship with Him
  2. Increase your commitment to serve in the building of the Kingdom of God
  3. Increase your relationship and commitment to your family and community
  4. Increase your relationship and service within the MPBC body in Christ.

May God continue to richly bless you and your family until the return of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am very pleased to pastor such a great group of Christian families, and on behalf of the MPBC Empowering Ministries we welcome you to your new church family.

Dr. Andrew W. Thomas – Senior Pastor