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Jeremiah questioned God about why are wicked people successful?  Why do people you cannot trust have such easy lives?  You have put these wicked people here like plants with strong roots.  They grow and produce fruit.  With their mouths they say that you are near and dear to them, but in their hearts they are really far away from you.  God answered  “Jeremiah, if running in a race against men makes you tired,  how will you race against horses? If you trip and fall in a safe place, what will you do in a dangerous place?
What will you do in the thorn-bushes that grow along the Jordan River?”  These vereses of scripture reminds us the importance of trusting God when you are trying to do whats right in the sight of God and things appear not to be going well with you, but the people who don’t care anything about doing what is right in the sight of God seems to be successful.