Product description


  1. The Supper of God will be held (Gathering of God’s children)
  2. The Great Supper is open to everyone who accepts the invitation.
  3. People are saved by responding to God’s invitation and are lost by making excuses.

Luke 14:16-17 – The Great invitation went out to many.  When you receive an invitation-you have to decide to accept it or reject it.

  1. The invitation read, “Come now because all things are ready.
  • When Jesus Christ died for our sins and He was raised from the dead, The Great Supper is now secured and God is waiting on the guest to accept the invitation.
  1. The invitation is too many (all) those who hear the Gospel: in church (from preachers, teachers and listening/reading the Word), outside the church (from evangelist, witnesses, missionaries, radio, television, and conscience).
  2. The invitation was sent out more than once. (First Invitation-was to make people aware of the upcoming supper-Second invitation was to tell people to come now because all things are ready).
  3. The first invitation was accepted by all. This is a critical point for us not to miss: in the same manner those in the parable said they accepted the invitation, but now everything is ready they find reasons/excuses not to come. The same thing happens in churches and outside of churches all over the world were people profess they have a relationship with Almighty God(the creator and sustainer of all life), but when it’s time to demonstrate their hunger and thirst for the things of God, they make excuses about this, that, and the other.