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Sometimes we find ourselves in bad situations because we have decided to do things our way without acknowledging God.  But, the Good News  today is that you are still living and if you will repent and ask God for forgiveness, He can help you to rebuild your life.  Nehemiah was concerned about the state of the people in Jerusalem and the condition of the wall protecting the temple, which was in ruins.  Once Nehemiah found out the state of the people and the condition of the walls designed to protect the temple.  He began to wept, fast and pray to Almighty God.  If you are facing a situation beyond your control, then you need to cry out to God for Him to lead, guide, and direct you in what to do.  This is why it is important to maintain a right relationship with God, because He will always be available to help you through challenging times.  Remember, to stay with God and He will always stay with you!!!