Product description

Spiritual Watchman
Spiritual watchman is one who has been uniquely equipped by God to see. But a watchman has to be equipped by God to see what others do not see and he has a unique capacity to see when the enemy is invading.
• That seeing, hearing, and understanding, are necessary to conversion
• A watchman doesn’t just see and observe or hear. A watchman blows the trumpet (warns people).
• The watchman sounds the note: the enemy is approaching! or the enemy has slipped in!
Ezekiel 33 The word of the LORD came to me. He said, 2 “Son of man, speak to your people. Say to them, ‘Whenever I bring enemy soldiers to fight against a country, the people choose someone to be a watchman. 3 If this guard sees enemy soldiers coming, he blows the trumpet and warns the people. 4 If people hear the warning but ignore it, the enemy will capture them and take them away as prisoners. They will be responsible for their own death. 5 They heard the trumpet, but they ignored the warning. So they are responsible for their own deaths. If they had paid attention to the warning, they could have saved their own lives. 6 “‘But what if the guard sees the enemy soldiers coming, but does not blow the trumpet? Since he doesn’t warn the people, the enemy will capture them and take them away as prisoners. They will be taken away because they sinned, but the guard will also be responsible for their deaths.’ 7 “Now, son of man, I am choosing you to be a watchman for the family of Israel. If you hear a message from my mouth, you must warn the people for me. 8 I might say to you, ‘These evil people will die.’ Then you must go warn them for me. If you don’t warn them and tell them to change their lives, those evil people will die because they sinned. But I will make you responsible for their deaths. 9 But if you do warn the evil people to change their lives and stop sinning, and if they refuse to stop, they will die because they sinned. But you have saved your life.